In 2014 Jim had an art studio built in his back garden to give himself self more space and light to create art.
The studio is a converted summerhouse, it has been built on a solid patio of paving stones. The artist studio has been insulated and mains electricity has been installed. The electricity is provided by cables from the house. The studio also has an internet connection that works by passing the Wi-Fi through the mains power line.

As can be seen by the photographs in the slide show the studio has windows on three sides. The studio is south facing so it captures plenty of natural light throughout the year. It has been equipped with a standard radial easel and a large table for various art projects plus plenty of shelving to store art materials.

The media Jim uses for his artworks is varied: acrylic paint, artists gouache, water colour pencils, colour pencils, pastel pencils and pastels. Jim never paints in oils due to the possible fire hazard connected to the storage of thinners and turpentine in his studio.